Monday, January 10, 2011


Wahoo! One of my best buds from growin' up days got married my birthday weekend! It was awesome because my hubby sent me KIDLESS to go enjoy all my old high school chums and I had a BLAST. (Minus Marley's trip to the E.R. back at home on my actual bday...which was also the day I got a positive preggo was an eventful weekend) Now, onto the main event...Jessi's big day!

Me and Val anxiously awaiting the happy couple outside the temple. As you can tell we could hardly contain our excitement

And there she is! Like outta a freakin fairy tale or something. Isn't she gorgeous?
The photographer really had to squish make us all fit could not slap that smile off her face if you tried. Cute Jenny in the background with one of her adorable little girls. I'm mad at myself for not gettin a group shot of all her sisters...they were too cute for words in the dresses Paula made them.
Seriously how much does Don look like his Dad? Hey at least you know he'll age well Jessi!
At the yummy luncheon. The food was amazing and the entertainment and company were so fun. Especially without kids!
Head table...Jessis parents, Jessi, Don, Dons parents
Ew...they are so happy it makes me wanna break something. So happy for you Jess!
Ok get ready...Paula made this freaking dress! No joke...I know this family totally bugs, just wait till you see how cute all the decor was at the reception...
K so the wedding was the day before my bday...then we had a couple days to kill before the on my bday we all went to dinner at CPK on John Patzold who happens to work there...he hooked it UP! (Thanks John!)Super cute Adri's little one Chandler with Carson....not lookin' too bad yourself buddy! Aww..happy family. Thanks for comin everyone! It was so fun to catch up!
Ok...onto the reception. The ladies lookin all sexy...Danica, Adri and Brayds Loved all the decor!
Yummy food
Super cool venue...reception hall at Sundance
Ok, this is SO Jessi...and of course she made it herself. That girl kills me. Me n' Brigham. All sweaty from dancin' the night away...with NO KIDS! Me and my the cute Bday outfit she bought for me for my big weekend! I know, she did a good job, right? Thanks Braydee!
I went home the next night to find a cute little party my hubby put together for me...
Yikes...28 is too close to 30. Like his creative candle job? He was pretty proud.'s not a party without....Edward and Jacob! Lol...he is so crazy....thanks for my bday weekend honey! It was truly one I will never forget.


brayds said...

1. so fun and keep postin your only like 3 months behind now!
2. do you have any of those plates left cuz i would like one to keep under my pillow
and 3. you did your temple out fit all on your own... so cute

Val said...

Thanks for all the close-ups! Maybe I can blame Kevin. Didn't he have the camera?

Brit said...

Whatever look flawless but yes, kevin is the one to blame, he got a little trigger happy! lol...u shoulda seen some of the ones i deleted!

Danica said...

Cute Brit!

Erica said...

Happy b-day! What a perfect way to celebrate - looks like loads of fun!!!