Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dyls First Talk

Ok...I'm not sure what the rule on this maybe I broke it but since none of my family could make it for the big day, i decided to record it. Unfortunately I am in the presidency and was conducting this particular Sunday so I only caught it from about the middle it didn't have enough memory to catch the end, but you can at least get the basic idea of how cute he was that day.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Super late super heroes

I know...Halloween was how long ago? Sigh...Im workin' on it.
Here's Dylan, the inspiration for this years theme. When asked what he wanted to be for Halloween, immediately he shouted "SUPERMAN!!!" His latest obsession. When i found this costume for 9.99 on clearance he about died. He wore it at least once a day leading up to the main event. Then, Jeff and Braydee informed me that they had a Batman and Robin costume from the previous year...all that was left was to figure out Marley. He took it so he really was superman. Sound effects and all.

Tryin real hard not to smile.The muscle shot almost broke him...almost. But he is a man of steel. He never yields to his moms teasing to get a smile for a pic.Story time at preschool. Such cute costumes this yearfun little jack o lanterns they made outta water bottles. Dyl loves school.
This pic is super blurry but I love it. Actually all the outside pics are super blurry...go figure.
Don't you love cute little Dorothy with her yarn hair on the right? Dylan and his teacher "Miss Kristine"
Ok, ward party's our little Mighty Mouse. Mom had to get creative because there were no costumes to be found. Apparently not in high demand half the people were like, who the heck is mighty mouse? Notice the "u" is missing...I used sticky felt and cut letters out, she kept peeling them off, or they'd just fall off all night. I wanted to be able to reuse the yellow onesie i dyed so i didn't want anything permanent. I brought backups tho...which she also peeled and lost.This was Marley most of the night...running in the complete opposite direction of me and my camera. Sad i only did point and shoots this year...shoulda done some real pics. That tail didn't last long either. It was soon a sword, then lost.Marley is either helping look for the u that she just ripped off...or is in the process of ripping it off and throwing it on the floor. Not sure which.
"Mighty Mouse!" That's what she'd shout when you'd ask her what she was...with the hand in the air of course. All super heroes do that, according to Dylan.Allow me to demonstrate...without smiling
Apparently this is still considered a "tough" face Marley mad about something...probably because i threatened the corner if she didn't take a pic for me...and there goes that "u" again. ugh.Phew...grabbed it in time.Group shot! Everyone thought I was wonder woman...hello these are not her colors and she didn't have an "R" on the chest. Whatever. I just love this pic...look at Dyls face, so proud to be dressed up with his Dad.
My attempts at a pic of the kids together...first Mar is looking but not Dyl... Then Dyl but not Mar. Oh well....I tried.Random
Uh-Oh...Rick took it very seriously...he dropped his voice like 8 octaves and everything just like the real Batman does to protect HIS secret identity.I'm not gonna lie...sometimes it was a little creepy. Apparently this is where Dylan gets his serious side from...Rick really was Batman that night.Lets punch stuff!
Are you jealous of the bags under my eyes? How about our sad attempt at gel in Dylans hair. We bought black spray paint but then I had anxiety attacks over the back of the bottle that read "most of it should come out"....what? So my son might have gray hair for like three years till it grows out? He was super bummed. But for whatever reason gel was a satisfiable second. And Miss Marley hittin' up the candy corn center pieces...All in all a really fun night.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Wahoo! One of my best buds from growin' up days got married my birthday weekend! It was awesome because my hubby sent me KIDLESS to go enjoy all my old high school chums and I had a BLAST. (Minus Marley's trip to the E.R. back at home on my actual bday...which was also the day I got a positive preggo was an eventful weekend) Now, onto the main event...Jessi's big day!

Me and Val anxiously awaiting the happy couple outside the temple. As you can tell we could hardly contain our excitement

And there she is! Like outta a freakin fairy tale or something. Isn't she gorgeous?
The photographer really had to squish make us all fit could not slap that smile off her face if you tried. Cute Jenny in the background with one of her adorable little girls. I'm mad at myself for not gettin a group shot of all her sisters...they were too cute for words in the dresses Paula made them.
Seriously how much does Don look like his Dad? Hey at least you know he'll age well Jessi!
At the yummy luncheon. The food was amazing and the entertainment and company were so fun. Especially without kids!
Head table...Jessis parents, Jessi, Don, Dons parents
Ew...they are so happy it makes me wanna break something. So happy for you Jess!
Ok get ready...Paula made this freaking dress! No joke...I know this family totally bugs, just wait till you see how cute all the decor was at the reception...
K so the wedding was the day before my bday...then we had a couple days to kill before the on my bday we all went to dinner at CPK on John Patzold who happens to work there...he hooked it UP! (Thanks John!)Super cute Adri's little one Chandler with Carson....not lookin' too bad yourself buddy! Aww..happy family. Thanks for comin everyone! It was so fun to catch up!
Ok...onto the reception. The ladies lookin all sexy...Danica, Adri and Brayds Loved all the decor!
Yummy food
Super cool venue...reception hall at Sundance
Ok, this is SO Jessi...and of course she made it herself. That girl kills me. Me n' Brigham. All sweaty from dancin' the night away...with NO KIDS! Me and my the cute Bday outfit she bought for me for my big weekend! I know, she did a good job, right? Thanks Braydee!
I went home the next night to find a cute little party my hubby put together for me...
Yikes...28 is too close to 30. Like his creative candle job? He was pretty proud.'s not a party without....Edward and Jacob! Lol...he is so crazy....thanks for my bday weekend honey! It was truly one I will never forget.